Is Gambling an Offence in Nigeria?

Most forms of the gambling and betting are illegal in Nigeria, but some exceptions are there like skill based card games, national lottery, backgammon and three licensed casinos. The Nigeria law might also leave room for state to run racing totes and betting pools. If you are having question about is safe to play gambling in Nigeria, then it is absolutely unsafe when you plan unlawful gambling. Actually gambling is an offence in Nigeria and penalty for the gamblers engaging in the unlawful gambling is fine up to 40 naira, both fine plus prison sentence or 3 months in prison.

To know about gambling law in Nigeria

Basically, legalization of online gambling in Nigeria is controlled by National Lottery Regulatory Association. Fortunately, it was lawful with National Lottery Act. The law might split the game into two categories like legal and illegal. When it comes to the legal games in Nigeria then it includes land based casino, lottery and Sports betting. On the other hand, dice game, roulette and non skilled card games might be illegal. Nigeria The Nigeria law might regulate the slot machine activity and licensed operator might provide slot machine gambling to their clients. Remember one thing; Nigerian law might not mention online space and there is no restriction to people to reach foreign or local gambling sites. If you want to know about lawful of gaming in Nigeria, then you can get help from online because it is filled with tons of reviews. The gambling age could be defined by law and people below 18 might not legally gamble.

Get information about Nigeria Gambling Law

It is always safer to gamble with the online gambling websites that is actually regulated and licensed in foreign countries. Before you are planning to casino games in Nigeria then you must understand local policies. The regulations and laws governing gambling in Nigeria might be little confusing because there is no dried and cut legislation. gambling law There are only three lawful types of the gambling in Nigeria like lotteries, betting or pools and handful of land casinos.  Operator might be required for registering their betting houses or pools with government to get legal status.


Majority of the small selection of table game like casino Hold’em, Blackjack might be accompanied by the bank of slot machines. If you want to play casino game in online, then you must have secure and fast internet connection to win real money. Legal land based casino might be located in two largest cites.