Disclosure, Interests and Sponsorship

Openness and transparency is in all our interests, and Hope Street is no different. Not many people understand how media businesses like ours make money, and the saying “if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product” is generally thought to be the case across the board. However, at least here, Hope Street doesn’t sell your information or anything about you to make money. We make our money from advertising, sponsorship and commercial partnerships. Further, the biggest events, announcements and conferences that affect mobile technology don’t happen in Australia; they happen in the US, in Asia, throughout Europe, and basically everywhere else. Hope Street is regularly invited to attend these events, or to travel interstate or overseas for “media famils” (in other words, trips so we can become more familiar with a company, its products, or something its working on). In the interests of transparency, we’ll log these sponsored travels here, and you can check back at any time to see who travelled, where, and who facilitated that travel. We also log our commercial arrangements and advertising arrangements.