gambling winnings taxed

Is gambling winnings taxed in India?

Professional gamblers and beginners to the gambling sector in India nowadays concentrate on loads of important things with an objective to be smart and also successful in their everyday gambling activities. They think about how to be successful in their way to increase the overall profits from their routine gambling activities. You may do not have enough expertise about the gambling facilities and legal requirements in India at this time. You can focus on whether are taxed gambling winnings in India in our time. You have to understand that cash earned from casino game play is taxable under the law division 56(2) (IB). online gaming This income is disclosed in the category of income from alternative sources while filing the income tax return.

Know about the Section 56(2) (IB)

An income from sources like lotteries, crossword puzzles, races including horse races, card games, sports betting and other gambling games is taxable as per Section 56(2) (IB). If you are an Indian gambler and thinking about tax related issues, then you have to be conscious about everything related to the income from casino games right now. Any income from the online gaming must be disclosed under the income from other sources category. You can contact and consult with experts in the income tax law at any time you like to make clear any doubt about the income tax on the gambling issues. The Indian Finance Act 2001 makes certain that all card games and game shows, entertainment programs on TV or online in which residents compete to win prizes and such prizes are taxable. This income from games or gambling is categorized as the income from other sources. You have to clarify any doubt about the taxes on gambling wins in India and make a good decision to be successful in your gambling activities.


You may like to know about the percentage of tax you have to pay on your winnings from casinos or TV shows. There is an income tax of 31.20% on online winnings and winnings from TV shows. You can pay attention to the role of the gambling winnings tax monitors and get an overview about how much winnings you get at the end. The total tax rate on such casino or game show winnings is 31.20%. There is no possibility for the advantages of income tax slab rate in this case. The TDS under Section 194B is applicable at 31.2% when the award money is awarded by any company is over Rs. 10, 000.