Emerging Artists 2016


Hope Street's Emerging Artists Programme develops the skills of all its participants in a very short time by providing hands-on experience of a full time theatre company engaged in several shows of various scale and ambition, as well as providing tailored support and business mentorship.

In 2016, working with international lead artists, and with community and youth groups from Liverpool, we produced 5 original performances, from a large-scale, city-wide immersive game, to intimate one-to-one pieces, plus an original street theatre act for Parklife Festival in Manchester. The first one, TENT! was an immersive city tent in an office block, inspired by the global refugee crisis. 
The Many Faces of Francis Bacon was presented in partnership with Tate Liverpool, with the participation of community groups including Tate Collective, RISEN and RAWD. 
The Last Utopian was an immersive theatrical game set in a dystopian world, that took place in various venues across Liverpool city centre, in collaboration with Young Everyman & Playhouse (YEP), 20 Stories High and Pagoda Arts. 
The Extraordinary Journey Of The Fakir Who Got Trapped In An Ikea Wardrobe, a devised theatrical adaptation of the international bestseller of the same title, was performed at the Everyman Theatre Studio. 
Finally, Changing Landscapes, the Emerging Artists' own project from inception to realisation, was a site-specific look at the changes and transformations we go through personally and socially, starting by gathering the audience in a bus and then taking them on a journey to a venue in the Baltic Triangle.
It’s been intense, exhausting, inspiring and even heroic at times, but THEY DID IT and we are proud.