Hope Street Ltd is an award-winning arts organisation with nearly 30 years' experience of producing innovative, dynamic outdoor performance. 

We have a reputation for lively, quirky and interactive performances that engage audiences of all ages.


All our work is created with high production values and we work with some of the UK's leading artists and performers. We have a number of acts for you to choose from and we are also able to create bespoke work, tailored to the theme of your event or festival.  

Official Race Coordinators
Hope Street would like to present the Official Race Coordinators, a pit-stop street act that roams the planet, searching for races and competitions and when they can’t find one…they make their own! The Official Race Coordinators make races with the public in any way possible, from the classic run around, to the tortoise slow motion, to the one-legged or the pram vs pram - the list is endless as the performers improvise. 

The Official Race Coordinators love to make anything into a vehicle, from prams, to suitcases, mobility scooters and their favourite…wheelie bins. 
They will turn any street, any alley, or even a corner into an ‘official track'. Just watch out that you aren’t made into a competitor too!

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Hope Street is a charity and we rely on public funding to deliver our exceptional programmes for free. Please show your support by giving what you can: